Complementary Training

Education along with science and entrepreneurial mindsets and attitudes is the core of the OrgBIO training programme, which aims at excellence and innovation, at all level. Excellence in science is guaranteed by the world-leading groups which founded this research area. Innovation in education is guaranteed by involvement of researchers on education through ProLehre , business experts – UnternehmerTUM and European fund raising experts - BayFOR.

The training programme of ProLehre - LEARN.TEACH.AHEADfocuses on an in-depth reflection of the process of teaching and learning in the pioneering field of interdisciplinary science. The participants will receive extensive training in didactics, education science and communication skills involved in the process of opening up a new area of science first to themselves, then to their students and co-workers. Both methodical and personal competences are greatly enhanced in the process which combines expert input with personal experience and individual ‘coaching on the job’. A culture of ‘peer coaching and support’ among fellow scientists is established throughout the programme and beyond.

The Training programs of UTUM will be divided in two courses. At first, participants will learn about the basic of entrepreneurship and afterwards they will have a practical course for Technology-Start-up, from idea to implementation.

BayFOR's expertise is grant writing, project management and providing research policy (especially in European Research Area). The participants need to raise funds for their research in their future career, where they have to have the ability to outline projects.