Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro” (ITALY)

The UNIBA Department of Chemistry promotes and co-ordinates teaching and research activities in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Materials and Surface Science and Technology, and Chemical Engineering. A Doctorate school, in Chemical and Molecular Sciences, is present in this Department. UNIBA laboratory are equipped for OFET (bio)sensors realisation, characterisation and testing. Within UNIBA, Professor Torsi has been supervising 33 master, 12 PhD and 7 post doc students with different backgrounds (Chemists, Physicist, Material Scientists, Biotechnologists, Pharmaceutical Chemists). The overall gender balance is of 58% female students, clearly above average probably because of a positive emulation effects.

Main project participations:
  • “Electrolyte-Gated Organic Field-Effect BIOsensors-BioEGOFET “ Professor L. Torsi, Scientific. Resp. Unit Department of Chemistry UNIBA.
  • “Gas Sensors on Flexible Substrates for Wireless Applications - FlexSMELL” FP 7 project Coordinator: Professor L. Torsi.
Main publications:
  • M.D. Angione, S. Cotrone, M. Magliulo, A. Mallardi, D. Altamura, C. Giannini, N. Cioffi, L. Sabbatini, E. Fratini, P. Baglioni, G. Scamarcio, G. Palazzo, L. Torsi. “Interfacial electronic effects in functional bio-layers integrated into organic field-effect transistors". PNAS April 24, 2012 vol. 109 no. 17 6429-6434.
  • M.Magliulo, A. Mallardi, M.Y. Mulla, S. Cotrone, B.R. Pistillo, P. Favia, I. Vikholm-Lundin, G. Palazzo, L. Torsi. “Electrolyte-Gated organic field-effect transistors sensors based on supported biotinylated phospholipid bilayer”, Advanced Materials, 25, 14 (2013).
  • L. Torsi, G.M. Farinola, M.C. Tanese, O. Hassan Omar, L. Valli, F. Babudri, F. Palmisano, P.G. Zambonin, F. Naso. “Bilayer Organic thin-film Transistor Chiral Sensor”, Nature Materials, 7, 412 (2008).

Key people I involved: Prof. Luisa Torsi

Prof. Luisa Torsi is full professor of Analytical Chemistry. Her main research interests are in the fields of functional materials/nanostructures and organic thin-film transistors for chemical and biological sensing applications.

Key people II involved: Prof. Gerardo Palazzo

Prof. Gerardo Palazzo is associate professor in Physical-Chemistry. His main research activities deal with biophysical chemistry of proteins and the characterization of self-assembled structures of lipids and surfactants.

Key people III involved: Dr. Maria Magliulo

Dr. Maria Magliulo is a researcher involved in the development of electronic biosensors.

Role in the project

As part of the Training Commetee UNIBA will set up requirements for the recruitment of the researchers, co-ordinate the joint research, oversee the secondment of personnel to partner institutions and organise annual meetings, training schools and other events, as well as supervise the training programme for all researchers and review the implementation of the transfer of knowledge activities provide training regarding European Research policies.

Recruited researcher: Amber Tirawi

Project title

OTFT biosensors fabrication and analytical testing