Dublin City University (IRELAND)

Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a >€80 million centre funded by Science foundation Ireland in 2013. Insight is a joint initiative between researchers at University College Dublin, NUI Galway, University College Cork, and Dublin City University, as well as other partner institutions, that brings together more than 200 researchers from Ireland's leading ICT centres to develop a new generation of data analytics and sensor technologies in a number of key application areas.
The Adaptive sensors group (ASG) lead by Prof. Dermot Diamond is the sensor element of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. The ASG is located in the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR). The NCSR is a multidisciplinary research centre at Dublin City University (DCU) which encompasses staff from the Schools of Biotechnology, Physical and Chemical Sciences and Mechanical Engineering.

Key people involved: Dr. Larisa Florea

Dr. Larisa Florea studied organic chemistry and chemical engineering at University “Politehnica” from Timisoara, Romania (BSc Hons 2009). In 2013 she obtained her PhD from Dublin City University, under the supervision of Prof. Dermot Diamond and Dr. Fernando Benito-Lopez. Larisa is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Insight Centre for Data Analytics, in Prof. Dermot Diamond’s group at Dublin City University, Ireland. Her research interests include the development of integrated opto-molecular systems as sensors and actuators in microfluidic devices.

Role in the project

Partner OrgBIO. Supervisor of ESR 2. - Synthesis and use of novel functionalised materials
As a partner, DCU is the primary host for ESR 2. The ESR will be trained in areas like synthetic and polymer chemistry, microfluidics fabrication, surface visualization and characterization, and analytical method development. The OrgBIO ESRs will also have the opportunity to sit in on appropriate taught modules relevant to the ITN through BIOAT PhD course modules or through Masters/final year undergraduate courses. DCU will enable ITN participants to attend local lectures/short courses such as “Introduction to Intellectual Property rights for researchers”, “Data Processing and Modelling”, and “Advanced Analytical Techniques”.

Recruited researcher: Alexandru Tudor

Project title

Synthesis and use of novel functionalised materials