Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FRANCE)

The “Laboratoire de Physique des Interfaces et des Couches Minces” (LPICM) CNRS UMR7647 is well known worldwide for its expertise in thin-film deposition by plasma-enhanced techniques, as well as in optical characterisation of thin films (ellipsometry, scatterometry, Raman scattering…). The lab currently hosts 84 staff members (including 41 permanent people employed by CNRS or Ecole Polytechnique). Its research topics include the synthesis of semiconductors dielectric thin films (silicon carbon and organic), and the conception, characterisation and modelling of electronic devices. CNRS collaborates with several industrial groups, such as Air Liquide, Saint Gobain, Thales, STMicroeletronics, Samsung and Total.

Key people involved: Prof. Yvan Bonnassieux

Professor Yvan Bonnassieux, former student of the ENS of Cachan and agrege of Electronic engineering, is currently professor of the Ecole polytechnique (France). Deputy Manager of laboratory LPICM “laboratory of the interface and thin Layers physics”, he is responsible for Flexible research team FOLAE “Flexible and Organic Large Area Electronique”. His current research themes include compact modelling, design and the characterisation of components and circuits of electronics on large area substrates (displays, photovoltaic cells, sensor, ,…). He is author or joint author of more than 42 publications in scientific magazines, 83 communications in international conferences and of 4 patents.

Role in the project

Physical modeling of biosensors based on organic electrochemical transistors

Recruited researcher: Anna Shirinskaya

Project title

Physical modelling of bio sensors based on Organic Electrochemical Transistors