The main objective of OrgBIO is the establishment of a world-class training platform spreading around the highly interdisciplinary / intersectoral European-led area of organic bioelectronics. This is a new discipline where will be in the near future a need not only of scientists, both in the academia and in industries, but also of people able to teach and educate the forthcoming generation of chemists, physicists, material scientists, biologists, engineers working in the health care, as well as in the food, environmental and public protection sectors.

Using different sensors, actuators, electronic and interconnect technologies OrgBIO will develop multifunctional systems based on organic devices and materials with high sensitivity that are also flexible, conformable and present over large areas for various biomedical / biological applications in the life science. Multi-analyte and disposable analytical systems manufactured by large-area printing methods will provide services to the individuals and the healthcare community, but also to environment, protection and security sectors. Intersectoral activities implemented along with the research centres, the industrial partners, the wide network of venture capitals and business actors made available by the participating business experts will make sure that the OrgBIO research outcome will be immediately available and transferred to the European Industry.

This project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under the Grant Agreement n° 607896.